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My varied experiences in law enforcement, sales, and college instruction honed my voiceover skills to a precise pitch, emphasizing clear and articulate delivery! I’m a proud trained member of the SuchAVoice organization. With Ryan Horn Voiceover Services, you can never go wrong hiring a professional talent to deliver your message. 


All recordings are done inside a sound-proof studio with professional equipment. Re-recordings and do-over requests are met upon request.


I love what I do and I've dedicated lots of time and training to deliver an authentic, voiceover recording to your satisfaction.


Like a chameleon blending in with its surroundings, my voice is a malleable tool to suit every kind of voiceover project: charismatic, trustworthy, and warm.


Narration, radio ads, TV ads, e-learning, audio books, and other narrative projects.

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Did you know radio ads that use professional voice actors get more business? People remember your message more with the right voice to deliver it.